Peer Research Report: Big Data Analytics

This report provides the results of a survey of 200 IT professionals about big data analytics that can help you plan your own projects, as well as a perspective on what these results mean for the IT industry. Key data insights include: • Many IT managers consider big data analytics projects one of the most important imperatives for their organization. • Adoption of big data analytics tools such a...s the Apache Hadoop* framework and commercial distributions for the Hadoop* framework is growing, with 25 percent of our survey group having already implemented these technologies and another 20 percent in the process of deploying at the time of the survey. • IT managers currently use both batch and real-time delivery of analytics equally, with a 50-50 split, but expect that to increase to two-thirds using real-time processing and delivery by 2015. • Security is a huge concern for IT managers and a barrier to moving and sharing data between their Hadoop environment and external partners like analytics service providers. • IT managers place high value on getting help in three areas: deploying data visualization methods for business users, services to manage data from sensors and devices at the edge of networks, and software built for big data frameworks like Hadoop (along with deployment guides and other practical guidance on how to get up and running smoothly). Organizations want to move forward with big data now. Our research shows that the IT industry can help by continuing to develop to innovate around the Hadoop framework, including developing solutions for specific applications, such as real-time analytics, visualization, and sensor and device data management. This and work on standards and best practices for security, privacy, and interoperability will help organizations to take best advantage of infrastructure for big data analytics at both the hardware and software levels.

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