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Delivering a Remote-Access Solution for Construction Companies

Delivering a Remote Access Solution for Construction Companies

The Yanzi* and Cramo* system is used by construction companies to monitor, maintain and manage constructions sites—from lifts, elevators, heating systems, energy consumption to motion detection and surveillance (for the management of many assets across large areas and multiple levels).

Construction sites, when unchecked, can experience weather-related issues that can cause very costly delays in construction. Construction companies typically work daytimes and weekdays but the weather works 24/7. Buildings in progress can experience frozen pipes or unintentional openings of doors and structures —allowing unwanted elements into the building that cause damage. Humidity alone can cause irreparable damage to a site, costing developers and construction companies a great deal of money and resulting in significant construction delays.

There’s need for technological solutions that are easy to install, maintain and manage. Construction managers and executives need to simplify their operations to be truly mobile, with plug-and-play deployment that requires little IT knowledge or management.

There’s also a need for consolidation of many data points. Construction companies need to have information on the status of physical assets such as lifts and elevators, energy monitoring devices, temperature sensors, smoke detectors and video camera information—all at the tips of their fingers, from all zones and in real time. The ability to get immediate alerts about potentially costly or dangerous situations (open doors, broken windows, burst pipes) can save big money and reduce the overall effect of weather- or other facility-related incidents on construction sites.

Yanzi provides the construction industry with low-cost, low-power, and high-performance systems required for remote control and surveillance using video and sensors. Preferably using reliable and always on technology such as Intel® architecture-based systems and four standard communication interfaces: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G network service and 6LoWPAN.

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