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ArtRage* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

ArtRage* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

ArtRage* is a painting and drawing application that simulates real-world materials to enable students to easily create sophisticated digital artwork. Because it is intuitive to use, students can spend more time nurturing their inner Picasso than laboring to learn a complex program.

Features and Benefits
• Sophisticated functionality simulates real-world art tools.
• Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
• Powerful tools unlock students’ creativity.
• Useful at all grade levels—students can start at the finger-painting level and build sophistication.
• Inexpensive—with no recurring supply costs, teachers can afford to engage encourage students’ artistic endeavors, even as many art programs are being underfunded or cut.
• Students can use the tool to illustrate their writing or draw diagrams for reports.
• Require zero set-up and clean-up time.

Read the full ArtRage* Part of Intel® Education Application Note.

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