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MyScript Notes Mobile* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

MyScript Notes Mobile* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

Summarizing and synthesizing information is a key twenty-first century skill supported by MyScript Notes Mobile*. Students can use the tablet as a real notepad—drawing, inserting pictures, and taking notes with their own handwriting using a stylus or finger.

Features and Benefits
• With the pressure-sensitive, real handwriting experience, students can:
– Take notes—write, draw, and erase
– Import, rescale, and annotate images
– Organize notes by subject
• Available in 30 languages
• Converts students’ handwritten input into digital text in real time in the active application
• Enables students to choose among different writing modes for different writing styles
• Lists alternative results in case the recognized word is not the expected one
• Writing math concepts, equations, and graphs
• Drawing chemistry concepts and molecular compounds
• Peer editing in language arts
• Writing letters and numbers
• Journaling or creating a digital notebook
• Drawing and sketching in the Arts
• Writing music

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