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Intel® Education Software

Customized applications for learning, classroom, and IT management

Helping students unlock their potential means giving them the tools to excel in school and for life. Sharing your commitment to lifelong success, Intel focuses on delivering solutions that improve learning by engaging students, while helping teachers to enhance student achievement. Software plays a significant role in combination with the hardware, services, and instructional approaches that are transforming education.


Intel® Education Software:

  • Helps students develop 21st century skills—such as communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy—through rich, interactive applications. 
  • Empowers educators with tools to manage the classroom and keep students on task. 
  • Enables IT to keep students and technology safe and secure from malware and loss with Intel® Education Software IT. 


These applications are selected by Intel based on educational and technical evaluations and come preloaded as part of the Intel® Education Solution. App Details | Animated Video

Application Benefits At-a-Glance
 Engage Students in 21st Century Learning  

Kno textbooks
An interactive eReader provides students with the ability to experience and explore rich content, such as videos, 3-D models, and linked glossaries. Term and course management tools keep materials organized and learning focused.

Lesson Ideas | Demo: Elementary School, High School | App Details

Intel® Education Lab Camera by Intellisense* (part of Intel Education)
The Lab Camera enables a cost-effective STEM Curriculum and promotes higher-level skills development—investigation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning. Imaging and analysis tools: time-lapse cam, kinematics, microscope, pathfinder, motion cam, and universal logger.

Lesson Ideas | Demo: Elementary, Middle School, High School | App Details

SPARKvue* (part of Intel Education)
SPARKvue is a data analysis application for science and math concepts that uses built-in camera and sensors. 60 built-in labs make it easy to get started or create your own custom labs. Lab topics include: temperature, acceleration, sound, capturing and annotating images, light, and magnetometer.

Lesson Ideas Demo: Elementary, Middle School, High School | App Details

My Notes/MyScript Notes Mobile
(part of Intel Education)
Turn your Intel Education devices into a real library of virtual notebooks. Captures notes and organizes information from multiple sources.

Demo: High School | App Details

Intel® Education Media Camera
Multimedia creation and editing for project-based learning. The media camera helps students express themselves visually and communicate information with tools to record, edit, and present.

Lesson Ideas | Demo: Elementary, Middle School, High School | App Details

ArtRage* (part of Intel Education)
Fun, easy-to-use painting and drawing tools that enable students to explore creativity and communicate visually. Includes a wide range of tools and effects: watercolor, ink pen, flood fill, gloop pen, sticker spray, and text.

Lesson Ideas | Demo: Elementary, Middle School, High School | App Details

Intel® Education Resources
Educational and digital literacy resources to help students learn, even when they are not connected. And professional development information and courses for teachers. Includes award winning math and science content from Intel® skoool™ and Khan Academy, plus language-learning resources from the British Council.

App Details

Intel® Education Software: Supporting Pen Technology
Pen technology allows students to customize documents with a stylus or finger.

Lesson Ideas

Empower Educators

Classroom Management (part of Intel Education)
Tools to manage classrooms and collaboration that support diverse learning styles (individual, group, or entire class activities). Provides an infrastructure for 1:1 eLearning, including the ability to: deliver interactive lessons, monitor student learning with quiz functions, administer assessments, transfer files, monitor student screens, and chat with individual students.

 App Details

 Enable IT  

Parents Carefree* (part of Intel Education)
Enables teachers and parents to monitor online access and protect students from undesirable online content.

Intel® Education Theft Deterrent
Helps protect capital and operational investments. Tools include a Management Server that supports complex deployments, a Management Dashboard that monitors clients and implements policies, and Hardware Hardened client rendering stolen systems valueless. Easy for students to use with no student interactions and no login passwords required. Video Tutorial

McAfee AntiVirus Plus*/Mobile Security (part of Intel Education)
Provides five years complete virus protection and Internet Security so students have a safe and secure digital classroom. Comprehensive PC security, trusted security vendor, web and e-mail protection, and a clear user interface with optimized performance for a better user experience.

App Details

Education Software Initiative

Intel® Developer Zone

If you develop interactive education content and tools running on Intel® architecture and technologies, the Intel Developer Zone provides resources to develop and optimize your products.

Intel® Education Alliance showcase

For the latest interactive education content and tools running on Intel® architecture and technologies:

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  • Education Transformation video.
  • Intel Education Solutions brochure.

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