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C Language Controller Provides New Option for Intelligent Systems

C Language Controller Provides New Option for Intelligent Systems

Today, still the factory automation (FA) has not reached to the current trend of technology adoption, specifically to the controller domain. Primarily needs and requirements of available devices dictate the progress in the control layer. Whereas devices are getting smarter, evolving to take advantages from the progressive trends. To meet the need of devices and to overcome boundaries of those on-going established implementations, controllers need to be moved beyond the status-quo. That is why Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is introducing MELSEC-Q Series* of C Language Controllers.

Recent embedded system products have increasingly incorporated support for network connectivity. They open up network access to the vast amount of information that in the past was only available within a closed domain. This has brought the trend for Big Data to the world of embedded systems. From now on, the requirement will be to generate and extract useful information from this huge volume of data, and to interpret it in ways that create new value. Intel has been using the term intelligent systems to refer to the next-generation platforms used for these embedded system products connected to network and enable new services.

Intelligent systems consist of large numbers of embedded systems connected via a cloud network to back-end server computers. The Q24DHCCPU-V*, one of Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSEC-Q series of C language controllers, is an embedded solution equipped with numerous features characteristic of intelligent systems, including excellent network connectivity and the high level of processing capacity needed to support sophisticated system control and operation based on large amounts of data collected from sensors or via the network. At the core of this controller is a hardware platform based on the Intel® architecture.

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