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Embedded Sample and Buy


Samples and Evaluation Platforms

  • Intel® Product Samples

    Use the Online Samples Tool to check availability and order Intel® product samples for your embedded application development needs.

  • Evaluation Platforms

    Intel offers a variety of evaluation platforms to simplify the design process and reduce time-to-market.

  • Solutions Directory

    Connect with Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance members to help speed development, cut costs, and eliminate design roadblocks to go to market faster.

  • Distributors

    Intel® Authorized Distributors offer electronic components, in addition to supply and design chain services, for original equipment manufacturers.

  • Manufacturer Representatives

    Manufacturer's representatives provide design assistance from concept through production on current and future Intel products.

Design Resources

Join the Intel® Embedded Design Center (Intel® EDC)

  • Confidential Design Documents and Training

    The Intel® Embedded Design Center provides qualified developers with direct access to Intel technical content, tools, design support, and community resources in a comprehensive online format.

  • Basic Membership

    Includes community collaboration, discount codes, and special offers.

  • Privileged Membership

    Basic user benefits, plus access to locked assets, including Intel confidential design documents, Intel confidential training, online design support, and the test tool loan program.

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