Opportunities for Growth

Ignite opportunity with Intel® industrial solutions

Today’s industrial organizations are stretched between addressing current issues, such as operational complexity and aging systems, and capitalizing on new opportunities from multicore to consolidation. You need solutions that help you address new markets or verticals, as well as consider new business models or competencies. You also need the ability to explore new service opportunities, meet existing customer requirements, and navigate through competitive threats.

Intel brings the power of integrated design manufacturing and broad ecosystem relationships to support your goals. Our broad portfolio of solutions spans hardware, software, and other critical components needed in the factory environment. By delivering a consistent and secure supply chain, proven product innovation, holistic security expertise, and expert customer support, Intel helps you differentiate, accelerate time to market, and grow your business today.

Two men in orange vests in plant

Fish, pigs, and bytes: Making factory automation more efficient

Little-known fact: your chosen byte-ordering scheme is key to making factories run efficiently. This UBM white paper describes how Intel’s 40-year-old process promotes a smooth flow, even on today’s super-performing processors.

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4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors—Ideal for industrial solutions

The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family is helping transform the modern factory by bringing enhanced performance, strengthened security, and reduced power over the previous generation to industrial PCs, controllers, and human machine interfaces, as the industry looks to minimize costs and maximize new opportunities.

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National Instruments relies on Intel® processors

More than 20 years ago, National Instruments made a decision to use Intel® processors in its measurement and control systems, and today that choice is still paying off.

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