Digital Factory

Equipping industrial organizations to capitalize on the Internet of Things

The digital factory brings together information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) in unprecedented ways, connecting the boardroom, the factory floor, and the supply chain for higher levels of control, efficiency, and competitive advantage. With supporting systems including MES, ERP, SCADA, and EMS, the digital factory delivers a seamless, secure connectivity among all networking and compute layers, as well as distributed, autonomous I/O that enable greater intelligence across the organization.

Today’s hypercompetitive global economy is impacting industrial markets like never before, driving manufacturers of all sizes to consider increased levels of automation and data optimization. In this emerging world, those able to extract and harness the value in their data will be the first to identify and capitalize on the growing opportunities. At the same time, accelerated innovation, shorter product cycles, the arrival of cloud computing, growing energy efficiency goals, and pressing security concerns are revealing the limitations of traditional factory models and highlighting the need for greater collaboration between IT and OT personnel. Changing customer needs are also creating a growing demand for mass customized products, requiring companies to be more responsive than ever before.

Intel brings to its industrial relationships nearly half a century of manufacturing experience and innovation, as well as deep expertise in cloud, data center, and big data solutions. That expertise, in combination with its leading-edge solutions, uniquely positions Intel to help revolutionize the twenty-first century factory. Intel provides a secure, manageable architecture that connects isolated systems for greater responsiveness, integrates workloads into a unified system to eliminate inefficiencies and drive down costs, and maximizes analytical awareness and process visibility. By delivering this solid foundation of connectivity, manageability and security, Intel is helping equip companies with the confidence to convert their system data into differentiating business values that create new paradigms for an industrial Internet of Things.

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Solution brief: The connected factory

The connected factory of the future will be distinguished by seamless connectivity between all networking and compute layers, and distributed, intelligent, autonomous I/O.

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Video: The intelligent, connected factory

Factories built on Intel® architecture-based solutions can benefit from intelligence, security, connectivity, consolidation, optimization, and energy efficiency. These intelligent, connected factories are based on open standards, highly scalable platforms, where all systems—end-to-end—are seamlessly connected, sharing valuable information, and turning raw data into knowledge and insight.

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Video: Consolidating industrial systems through virtualization

Reducing the overall cost and complexity of industrial systems is possible through a virtualized, consolidated approach to machine design.

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