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Editor’s Pick: IT Security Innovation at Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce article on IT security operations

Department of Commerce Innovation

Commerce Emphasizing Innovation and Efficiency in IT Security Operations

The Department of Commerce is driving innovation in its IT security operations. The department’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) hosted its inaugural Innovating Security Conference as an opportunity to increase awareness of various initiatives, exchange information and ideas, and discuss ways to further strengthen the security position of the department’s information systems. In this blog post, Simon Szykman, chief information officer at the U.S. Department of Commerce, describes the two-day conference.

The conference covered a range of topics, from general awareness and operational management to cloud computing, risk management, and security and social networking. In addition, a federal intelligence agency provided a briefing on advanced persistent threats, highlighting the importance of keeping the end user aware of a variety of threats, especially e-mail-based phishing scams. With evolving security threats combined with a constrained outlook due to budget pressures, organizations across the Department of Commerce must improve efficiencies and effectiveness. Moving forward, the department’s IT priorities will be to strengthen risk management, increase collaboration, deploy real-time continuous monitoring and other new security capabilities, and leverage tools and knowledge across organizations.

Read the blog entry by Simon Szykman, chief information officer, U.S. Department of Commerce, from September 2011 >

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