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Семейство серверных адаптеров Intel® PRO/1000 PT

Intel PRO Gigabit Server Network Adapter resources for IT managers from Intel, featuring product information and links to technical documents.

Ensure Uptime for Mission-Critical Applications

Product Brief: The Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520 maintains business continuity and ensures uptime for mission-critical applications.

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Гигабитные серверные адаптеры Intel® Ethernet

Гигабитные серверные адаптеры Intel® Ethernet для виртуализированных сред и сред унифицированных сетей iSCSI.

Modern Data Centers Need 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Infographic: To solve the problems of legacy hardware, modern data centers need 10 gigabit Ethernet to upgrade complex, costly legacy infrastructures.

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Unified Networking with Open FCoE Technology

Video: Intel's Kirk Skaugen discusses how 10 GbE unified networking and the world's first Open FCoE solution simplify the data center.

Intel® Desktop Boards DG43NB, DP43TF Classic Series Product Brief

Experience the latest Intel® Desktop Board DG43NB and Intel® Desktop Board DP43TF—the ideal mainstream platforms for digital home entertainment and home application users.

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Intel® Ethernet I340 Server Adapter: Product Brief

Intel® Ethernet I340 Server Adapter offers multi-core processor and server virtualization support for cost-effective performance.

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Intel® Ethernet Network Connection I347-AT4: Datasheet

Datasheet: Document provides information on pin interface, device functionality, register maps, and electrical and timing specifications.

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Intel PRO Server Adapters: Multiple Gigabit Ethernet Connections

White Paper: Intel® PRO server adapters address demands of network environments with multi-port Gigabit adapters.

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Краткое описание продукции серверный адаптер Intel® PRO/1000 MF

Краткое описание продукции: серверный адаптер Intel® PRO/1000 MF с самонастраивающимся интерфейсом PCI/PCI-X* экономит ресурсы процессора.

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