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Планшеты Intel: умные технологии — веселая жизнь - Ukraine

Планшет на базе ОС Windows* 8 с процессором Intel® гарантирует максимальное удобство работы и совместимость со всеми программами.

Планшеты на базе ОС Windows* 8 - Ukraine

Learn about Windows* 8 tablets with Intel Inside® and run apps and content like before, but move seamlessly between them with a swipe of the finger.

Marina Salud Hospital: Creating a Digital Hospital

Marina Salud Hospital cuts paperwork and enhances medical decision-making with Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets.

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Планшет для бизнеса от Intel - Планшеты

Intel®-based tablets for business: Compatible. Portable. Unstoppable.

Teachers Adopt Tablets for Class

Case Study: Examines teachers’ ease of adoption of touch-enabled tablet devices in the classroom, with key findings and anecdotes showing benefits.

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Teachers, Are You in Touch with Technology?

Case Study: Examines Windows* 8 touch-enabled classroom technology, with trial results, reviews of apps used, adoption barriers, and teacher feedback.

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SAP Mobile Platform* on Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v2 Family

Delivering reliable experiences to mobile users with SAP Mobile Platform* scaling on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v2 family.

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Intel® Atom™ Processor for Tablets LPDDR3 Validation: Results

LPDDR3 system validation results provide a guide to Intel® reference platform memory performance, based on Intel® Atom™ processors for tablets.

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Delivering a Remote Access Solution for Construction Companies

Case Study: Yanzi* Networks enables remote access solutions for construction companies, improving site management, safety, efficiency, and security.

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