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Программа установки и настройки Intel® (Intel® SCS)

Intel® vPro™ technology features find, setup, configure, and maintain secure connections to managed devices on your network.

Enhance Productivity, Efficiency with Location-Based Services

Solution Brief: Simplify destination finding with Intel® vPro™ technology-based indoor location-based services to increase productivity, efficiency.

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Intel® Core™ vPro™ Процессоры - Встроенная безопасность

3е поколение процессоров на базе Intel® Core™ vPro™ со встроенной безопасностью для полноценной защиты ваших данных.

Интеллектуальные клиентские устройства улучшают виртуализацию ноутбуков и настольных ПК

Desktop virtualization resources for IT managers from Intel, featuring case studies, planning guides, and peer research.

CSIRO: Centralized Remote Management Solution

Case Study: CSIRO’s centralized remote management solution, powered by Ultrabook™ devices, improves remote IT staff productivity and response time.

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BYOD in the Enterprise: Insights on the Current State of IT

Research on BYOD in the enterprise captures key findings from a survey of 3,000 IT managers and 1,300 end users across four countries.

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Mobile Science Apps for Big Data Enhance Lab Productivity

Ceiba’s touch-enabled mobile apps for big data for the Windows* 8 Ultrabook™ enhance productivity in life science research and compatibility for IT.

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Центр ресурсов для модернизации ПК

Visit the PC Upgrade Resource Center to find everything you need to know about refreshing the devices in your organization.

Business Investment Strategy for Device Refresh

Build a business case for and plan a device upgrade and refresh strategy based on decisions that help manage costs and maximize user productivity.

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Gamma and SECOM: Improving Digital Surveillance for ATMs

Solution Brief: SECOM and Gamma Solutions invest in a digital surveillance system based on Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors to improve ATM security.

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