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Connecting People to Their Potential

Through our collaboration with governments, nonprofits, and other organizations, we seek to put technology to work for the greater social good.

Intel OHSAS 18001: 2007 Multi-Site Registration Certificate

NSAI Certificate of Registration of Occupational Health and Safety Management System asserts compliance with semiconductor manufacturing requirements.

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Культурное разнообразие и инклюзивность в Intel

Узнайте, как корпорация Intel превращает отличия в сильные стороны, сосредоточившись на культурном многообразии и инклюзивности, чтобы лучше сплотить коллектив сотрудников.

Intel Global Diversity and Inclusion Honors

Read the list of Intel's Global Diversity and Inclusion honors, awards, and recognitions.

Intel Diversity in Technology—2015 Mid-Year Inclusion Report

Describes Intel's 2015 mid-year inclusion report and progress made on 2020 goals, like reaching full representation and supporting women in gaming.

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Diversity in Technology Inquiry Form

Connect with Intel regarding our Diversity in Technology initiative.

Intel Diversity in Technology Addendum

Intel’s Workforce Data Addendum, August 2015 Mid-Year Diversity in Technology report. Read hiring data for women and under-represented minorities.

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Intel Timeline: A History of Innovation

Explore Intel’s history of innovation in an interactive timeline; view Intel’s biggest accomplishments and newsworthy moments by year or decade.

Moore's Law and Intel Innovation

Learn about Moore’s Law, the business model that drives the semiconductor industry and the exponential growth that continues today.

Talk the Talk: Everyday Terms Used at Intel

Talk Intel® technology with an A through Z list of everyday terminology used at Intel.