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I Am Courage

What does courage mean to you? Take the challenge—seven days, seven courageous acts—share each with #IAmCourage to support International Women's Day.

Intel® Education Programs for Girls and Women Around the Globe

Intel Programs for Girls and Women Around the Globe

Conflict Free Supply Chain in Democratic Republic of Congo

White paper explains how Intel strives for “Conflict Free” supply chain for metals from Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Intel Education Service Corps: Bangladesh

Intel Education team trained 125 girls in Dhaka and Pabna and 450 rural kids on Intel-powered classmate PCs, using technology to inspire learning.

Intel Corporate Governance and Ethics

Corporate governance guides principles, policies, and structures ensure Intel's recognition as a leader in corporate governance and business ethics.

Establishing a Conflict-Free Supply Chain

Intel travels the world to create sustainable sourcing solutions, improve lives in those geographies, and establish verified conflict-free products.

Intel Teams with San Francisco 49ers

Partnership between the San Francisco 49ers and Intel will bring technology and innovation to enhance the fan experience.

Intel Receives 2013 Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award

Neil Tunmore discusses the commitment to sustainability and conservation that helped Intel receive the 2013 Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award.

Accelerating Supplier Sustainability

Report: Intel and BSR cover supply chain sustainability, supplier engagement and development, and supply chain issues across industries.

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Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon Fact Sheet

See Intel’s community impact in Hillsboro, Oregon, from being the state’s largest private employer to supporting volunteer and donation efforts.

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