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Real-Time Medical Data Saves Lives at South Carolina Hospital

Medical University of South Carolina uses Intel® Xeon® processor-based IBM servers to save lives through reliable, real-time medical data.

CAST—Imagine the Future of Aging

Care giver network and technology helping elderly in the home.

Innovation Summit Podcast: Care Innovation

Podcast: Interview with Julie Cherry about what's happening in the market place and where is the future in care coordination.

Innovation Summit Podcast: Dell

Podcast with Dan Trott from Dell about leveraging Health IT information and innovation in healthcare.

Innovation Summit Podcast: EMC Talks Big Data

Podcast: Discuss healthcare technology in the marketplace with Vicky Lander.

Innovation Summit Podcast: GammaTech

Podcast: Interview with GammaTech on the use of Medical Tablets and its effect on healthcare.

Innovation Summit Podcast: Motion Computing

Podcast: Interview with Mike Stinson of Motion Computing on Intel's partners in the innovation of healthcare IT.

Panasonic Talks Mobile Technology

Podcast: Panasonic's view of innovation Health IT.

Healthcare Modernization Improves Patient Engagement

See how software solutions from Meditech and Intel® processor-based Dell devices help improve patient engagement and outcomes while reducing costs.

Elisabeth Ashmore Gives Quadriplegics a Voice

Elisabeth Ashmore discusses why she developed a brain-computer interface to give quadriplegics a voice and her plans to attend college to help others.