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Ultrabook™ и компьютеры-моноблоки для бизнеса

Мобильные и настольные ПК для бизнеса на базе процессоров Intel® Core™ vPro™ предоставляют возможность использовать встроенные функции безопасности, обеспечивая защиту личных и корпоративных данных.

Enabling Business Growth and Productivity with Online Solutions

White Paper: Web-based solutions created by Intel help facilitate business growth and build links with customers, partners, and employees.

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MKB Bank Case Study: Tightening the Vaults

Case Study: MKB Bank turns to Intel® vPro™ technology to enhance disaster recovery and bolster security across its computer fleet.

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Using Encryption to Protect Against Health IT Data Breaches

The increase in the mobile workforce necessitates the adoption of security solutions that protect devices and data that is travelling (physically).

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10 Things to Know about Cloud: Cloud Computing Models

Provides a concise look at the core elements of a cloud strategy that meets both IT and business requirements.

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Healthcare Information Privacy and Security

Intel®-based technologies can support the need for compliance with the HIPAA privacy and security rule and other local regulations.

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Overview Animation

See how world-class performance meets built-in security for today’s business PC in the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor overview animation.

McAfee: Future of Secure Computing

McAfee and Intel develop innovative security measures to predict safety and protect data with easy-to-use tools that maximize performance.

Information Security and Cloud Computing

Intel CISO Malcolm Harkins shares his data protection, access, and security in the cloud.

Intel® AES New Instructions Demo

Видео: Новые инструкции для ускорения шифрования, высокой производительности и безопасности от Intel® AES-NI.