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Transforming Intel’s Supply Chain to Meet Market Challenges

Intel IT has helped increase supply chain responsiveness and productivity while reducing process cycle time and inventory levels.

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Accelerate Enterprise Virtualization with Factory Principles

Intel IT created a standardized, high-volume process—a Virtualization Factory—to accelerate the implementation of our enterprise private cloud.

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IT@Intel Tests the Intel® Xeon® E5 Processor Family in Design Center

In IT@Intel’s design center, the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family test team deploys rigorous tests for performance and efficiency measurements.

Co-Marketing with the Intel Customer Reference Program

Intel partners discuss the Intel Customer Reference Program, a marketing collaboration promoting companies’ work using Intel marketing expertise.

Optimize Value of Technology Investments with Strategic Planning

White Paper: Intel IT strategic planning creates resource-feasible roadmaps and prioritizes spending based on Intel’s business needs.

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Обзор ИТ-подразделения Intel для бизнеса

Connect with IT thought leaders at Intel and discover rich multimedia, articles, blogs and podcasts made by IT managers, for IT managers

Rich Client PCs and Cloud Computing – Better Together

Intel IT finds that combining well-managed rich client PCs, cloud computing minimally affects end users and results in lower total cost of ownership.

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Enterprise Private Cloud Computing Architecture Roadmap

Intel IT has defined a roadmap for a private enterprise cloud that is a shared multi-tenant environment.

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Cloud On Demand - Inside the Intel IT Private Cloud

For a more agile enterprise infrastructure, Intel IT is establishing a true enterprise private cloud with a consumer-focused self-service portal.

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Developing an Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy

A strategy of cloud growth from the inside out delivers many of the benefits of cloud computing and positions us to utilize external clouds over time.

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