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Hybrid Cloud Security with McAfee MOVE AV

A description of the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus product, streamlined to lower the security burden for the Hybrid Cloud environment.

Virtual SAN Powered by Intel® Solid-State Drives

A demo of a 64-node, 368 Terabyte Virtual SAN powered by Intel® SSDs.

Intel® IT Center Delivers IT Resources: Watch the Video

Watch this video to discover the benefits of joining the Intel® IT Center, our new program delivering premium resources to IT professionals

Производительность процессоров Intel 6-го поколения

Процессоры Intel® Core™ 6-го поколения для бизнеса: производительность и новые форм-факторы

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud

What are the differences between public, private, and hybrid clouds? What can each do, and why are they important?

10 Things to Know about Cloud: Cloud Computing Models

Provides a concise look at the core elements of a cloud strategy that meets both IT and business requirements.

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Преимущества Windows® 10 для бизнеса

Windows® 10: 5 преимуществ модернизации для бизнеса

How to Configure SR-IOV VFs in a VMware ESXi* Environment

Technical Brief: How to configure and use Intel®-based SR-IOV virtual functions on VMware ESXi* 5.1, with system requirements and more.

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Virtual Machine Device Queues

Virtual Machine Device Queues optimize the processing of VM data traffic and improves CPU utilization and bandwidth.

Five Myths of Wireless Networks

Cysco Systems discusses common wireless network adoption myths and misconceptions in light of new technologies, standards, and products.

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