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Why Greater Performance Per Core Matters for Server Virtualization

Illustrates how higher performance cores provide significant advantages over lower performance cores, including operating costs and VM space.

Database Software Developer Boosts Performance

Case Study: HPC database maker Versant deploys virtualized software tests on Intel® Xeon® processor-based Dell servers for business development.

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Virtual World Comes to Life Quicker in Africa

Case Study: Virtual tool maker Virtalis deploys a 7-meter ActiveWall* screen powered by an Intel® Xeon® processor-based Dell Precision* workstation.

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Virtual Desktop Software at New York City iSchool

New York City Department of Education uses virtual desktop software to improve the quality of its instructional videos.

Processor Cores Impact Virtualization Performance, Scalability

White Paper: How to use CPU resources and benchmarks to determine optimal virtualization configuration and migration challenges to the VM footprint.

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Inside IT: Desktop Virtualization Intel IT best practices

Hear how Intel IT is developing desktop virtualization to give IT more control and give users greater flexibility.

Financial Services RISC Migration

Solution Brief: Discusses transition from RISC to Intel-based servers with the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series, improving performance and ROI.

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Reducing Complexity for Trading Speed and Efficiency

Case Study: NYSE Technologies’ Trading-in-a-Box* solution uses Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series in an IBM System to decrease latency and complexity.

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The Future of Enterprise Computing: Prepare for Compute Continuum

Future outlook for enterprise computing shows Intel IT's opportunity to redefine the way it provides services to meet changing user requirements.

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Конвергентные сетевые адаптеры Intel® Ethernet X710

Обеспечьте динамичность ЦОД. Конвергентные сетевые адаптеры Intel® Ethernet XL710 для сетей 10 и 40 GbE обеспечивают непревзойденные возможности виртуализации сетей.