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Intel® Server Board S2400SC

Mainstream, standard form factor two-socket board for cost-effective storage flexibility

Key Features

Target Applications

The Intel® Server Board S2400SC2 is the high return on investment (ROI) choice for embedded, storage, and small business applications requiring mainstream performance without compromising on storage flexibility or I/O expansion options. It is also ideal as an affordable server building block for small businesses seeking real dual-socket server performance.

Product Specifications

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Integrated LAN


Included Items



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A value two-socket server board for first server environments, supporting two Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2400 v2, eight DIMMs, and 14 onboard SATA/SAS ports, expanded I/O with 33 total PCIe lanes, including 28 PCI Gen3, and Intel® Server Management.

2x 1GbE

1 x PCIe* x16 Gen 3

1 x PCIe x8 Gen 3

1 x PCIe x4 Gen 3

1 x PCIe x4 Gen 2.x

PCI Supported

(1) Intel® Server Board S2400SC2, (1) I/O shield, (4) SATA cables, (1) DVD contains Intel® Multi-Server Manager software and Intel® Deployment Assistant, (1) quick start user guide, and (1) attention document.

Product Compatiblity

Compatible Intel® Products Tested Hardware, Memory, Operating System Lists (Includes 3rd Party Vendors)
S2400SC2 S2400SC2 THOL