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Intel® QuickAssist Adapter 8920 Installation Guide

Intel® QuickAssist Adapter 8920DCC/8920SCC Installation Guide

Install the PCI Express* Adapter

1. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord.
2. Remove the computer cover and the adapter slot cover from a slot that matches your adapter.
3. Firmly place the adapter edge connector into the slot until it is fully inserted. Secure the bracket to the chassis.
4. For the Intel® QuickAssist Adapter 8920DCC only, connect the external power connector—a six-position connector derived from the PCI Express x16 Graphics 150W-ATX power connector definition.
5. Replace the computer cover and plug in the power cord.

Note: Some Intel adapters utilize the PCI Express bus. You may utilize a slot that is longer than your adapter’s connector with no harm but do not attempt to install it in a slot shorter than the PCI Express connector.

Read the full Intel® QuickAssist Adapter 8920DCC/8920SCC Installation Guide.

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