Intel® RAID Accessories

The right components to enhance your Intel® RAID solution

The Flexibility to Create the Intel Server with the Functionality You Need

Many of these accessories are common across multiple Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems for excellent flexibility.

Note: RAID backup solutions and premium features keys are not included within this page.

Converter Boards and Cable Kits

Intel(R) RAID Converter Board RCVT8788
Converter Boards
Product Name Description Order Code Initiator Connector External Connector
Intel® RAID Converter Board RCVT8788 Small form factor board with brackets for installation in a standard or low-profile chassis cutout. Intended to be used to convert internal ports to external ports. Cables are not  included. AXXRCVT8788 Two x8087 mini-SAS
Two x8088

The following cables are connecting Intel® RAID products and modules to storage devices and drive bays. Intel® cables are designed to high-quality specifications and include the ability to bend a very small radii. These cables allow low-profile Intel RAID products with vertical 8087 connectors to be used in a 2U rack chassis while installed in a standard PCI Express* slot.

Cable Kits  
Product Name Order Code Initiator Connector Target Connector Cable Lengths Compatible Products
Intel® RAID/SAS Cable Kit CBL740MS7P AXXCBL740MS7P Mini-SAS SFF-8087 connector Four 7-pin SATA style connectors Two 740mm cables RAID
Cable Kit AXXCBL650HDMS AXXCBL650HDMS HD SFF-8643 connector Mini-SAS SFF-8087 connector Two 650mm cables RAID


AXXCBL730HDMS HD SFF-8643 connector Mini-SAS SFF-8087 connector Two 730mm cables RAID
Cable kit AXXCBL650MSMS AXXCBL650MSMS Mini-SAS SFF-8087 connector
Mini-SAS SFF-8087 connector Two 650mm cables RAID

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