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Smartphones with Intel Inside®

The company that revolutionized computing technology is now powering smartphones

Now amazing technology that drives some of the world’s fastest computers is enhancing your smartphone experience. Whether you’re watching an HD video in the park or playing a game while waiting for a flight, smartphones with Intel Inside® give you the power you need to do amazing things anywhere.

Explore Smartphones with Intel Inside

Manufacturer   Description Region
Orange The Orange San Diego smartphone with Intel Inside®. Fast web browsing, super-responsive apps, and high-quality images that are a snap from a smartphone that delivers instant satisfaction. Available now in France
Lenovo Easily create and share superb full HD-quality video, and with super-smooth playback, your phone becomes a personal theater you can take with you anywhere. Available now in China
XOLO Smartphones with an advanced Intel® processor enable fast web browsing, super responsive apps, and effortless multitasking so that enjoying the things you love to do has never been easier. Available now in India

The Benefits of Having a Smartphone with Intel Inside®

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